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Defamation is the intentional communication of false information, to a third party, that injures a person's reputation or good name. 

Defamation of character is an increasing problem with the widespread use of social media. While many people believe that they can engage in character defamation anonymously, the reality is that there are numerous means and methods to uncover the true identity of those who post defamatory statements and hold them accountable.

We represent clients in the areas of libel and slander and frequently prepare issues cease and desist letters and demands for retraction from people or companies that defame others. We have successfully addressed issues of libel and slander from major social networks and third-party review sites such as "Complaints Board." We have filed defamation lawsuits against defamers to force retractions and/or obtain monetary damages. If you are considering filing a defamation lawsuit (i.e., slander lawsuit or libel lawsuit), we can help.

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