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We are prepared to promptly review, analyze and litigate real estate disputes that cover a wide range of issues, including disputes between co-owners of real estate as well as landlord and tenants, claims that involve the failure by a property owner to disclose known defects such as roof leaks, water infiltration, mold, and deferred repairs in a property that is purchased or sold, false representations regarding the history or prior use of property, property line and easement disputes, partition lawsuits, foreclosures, title issues, and constructive defect lawsuits. 

We are very experienced in the settlement process, including preparing for and participating in settlement conferences and mediation, and negotiating with opposing attorneys to work towards the goal of settling real estate disputes in an effective and time-efficient manner.

We have extensive experience representing clients in lawsuits that involve construction issues, including claims for defective work, warranty claims, claims that payment has not been timely made or that the amount owed was not fully paid, claims that work was not completed or was not completed on time, claims that involve delay on a construction project, claims that arise from change orders including unsigned or verbal change orders, liquidated damages claims, and claims that arise when there are an insufficient number of workers on the job.

We have particular experience representing contractors and subcontractors in complex, multi-unit construction defect claims involving many parties and defendants. Our experience and knowledge of the construction and real estate business provides us with particular insight into how these cases proceed and we have the experience and resources to manage, litigate, and settle these kinds of cases effectively.

The lawyers at Gelman Law have extensive experience in representing clients in business-related disputes and lawsuits, including contract disputes, employment disputes, partner/shareholder disputes, conflicts arising from the operations of a business, collection of amounts owed to a business, theft of trade secrets, breach of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and breach of contract claims involving suppliers, distributors, sale people, and independent contractors.

Prior to or after a lawsuit is filed, the parties involved in the dispute often participate in mediation or a settlement conference. We are experienced in negotiating settlements that accomplish our client's goals.

Free Initial Consultation

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay up front to find out whether you might have a case, or whether we are the right law firm to suit your needs. We don’t charge for an initial consultation. We offer clients free telephone, email/internet, or in person consultations.

Straight Answers

We pride ourselves on our ability to give a full and objective analysis to each client, and give realistic options to our clients. We will always give you a straight, realistic assessment of your case.