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Real Estate

At Gelman Law, we recognize that every real estate transaction is unique. We tailor our representation of our clients to each specific real estate transaction. We have significant experience in representing real estate clients in all stages of the real estate purchase and sale process. This includes drafting and negotiating letters of intent and term sheets, drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements, drafting commercial and residential leases, analyzing title commitments, preparing objections letters and responding to objection letters regarding title issues, preparing owner-carry promissory notes, deeds of trust, and security agreements, reviewing loan documents, reviewing closing documents, and preparing deeds.

We also have experience in representing clients who are involved in negotiating all types of real estate leases, including leases for commercial, residential, and industrial property. Whether we are representing the landlord or the tenant, we are aware of the many issues that are often the subject of negotiation. We draft leases, lease amendments, lease extensions and renewals, and all other documents that are part of a lease transaction.

In addition to representing clients on the purchase and sale and leasing of properties, we help clients who have issues arise with property that they own. This can include drafting easements, license agreements, and letters to address boundary disputes. 

Real estate transactions are often time-sensitive, with short deadlines. Regardless of whether our client is the seller or the buyer, our practice is set up in a manner that we can respond quickly to help our clients meet their deadlines on any type of real estate matter.

Free Initial Consultation

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay up front to find out whether you might have a case, or whether we are the right law firm to suit your needs. We don’t charge for an initial consultation. We offer clients free telephone, email/internet, or in person consultations.

Straight Answers

We pride ourselves on our ability to give a full and objective analysis to each client, and give realistic options to our clients. We will always give you a straight, realistic assessment of your case.