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  • How much will my case cost? Well, that depends. Attorney fees will vary depending on the nature of the matter, complexity, and oftentimes on the opposing counsel. A complex, hotly contested litigation matter will ...
  • Do you require a retainer / money up front? In most cases, if we have not performed work for you before, we will request a retainer. A retainer is an amount that we request to make sure that the ...

Free Initial Consultation

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay up front to find out whether you might have a case, or whether we are the right law firm to suit your needs. We don’t charge for an initial consultation. We offer clients free telephone, email/internet, or in person consultations.

Straight Answers

We pride ourselves on our ability to give a full and objective analysis to each client, and give realistic options to our clients. We will always give you a straight, realistic assessment of your case.