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Well, that depends.   Attorney fees will vary depending on the nature of the matter, complexity, and oftentimes on the opposing counsel.  A complex, hotly contested litigation matter will cost more than a straightforward dispute where all parties are genuinely interested in a prompt resolution.   Likewise, a complex business sale involving the sale of the real estate and all of the furniture, fixtures and equipment will cost more than a simple asset purchase agreement.  We do our best to keep you apprised of the major events invloved and to advise you of major costs before they are incurred.  We can oftentimes give you a ballpark of what we expect costs to be.  However, with the multiple variables, it is difficult to predict with certainty.  We do provide some services on a fixed-fee basis (flat rate) and, in limited circumstances, we may agree to accept your case on a percentage-of-recovery basis (contingency fee).  Don't hesitate to ask whether we would consider performing work for you on a flat rate or contingency fee basis.

Last updated on May 28, 2012 by Doug Norberg

Free Initial Consultation

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay up front to find out whether you might have a case, or whether we are the right law firm to suit your needs. We don’t charge for an initial consultation. We offer clients free telephone, email/internet, or in person consultations.

Straight Answers

We pride ourselves on our ability to give a full and objective analysis to each client, and give realistic options to our clients. We will always give you a straight, realistic assessment of your case.