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Business – Lawsuits / Disputes

BUSINESS LAWSUIT EXAMPLES - Sample Cases and Clients


UNFAIR COMPETITION.  Represented business owner against independent sales contractor on basis that independent contractor had wrongfully taken the business model and used it to directly compete against business owner.  Lawsuit filed.  Case settled in favor of business owner.

BUSINESS BREAK-UP.  Represented owner of manufacturing business against the other officer/shareolder of manufacturing business.  Claims involved allegations of theft, breach of fiduciary duty, and misappropriation of corporate assets.  Lawsuit filed.  Case settled.

THEFT OF COMPANY MONEY / PROPERTY.  Represented company against former employee / bookkeeper who stole money from company.  Judgment obtained.  Damages awarded for three times the amount of the money stolen plus attorney fees and court costs. 

FREEZE OUT.  Represented shareholder against two other shareholders of company.  Allegations were that the other two shareholders were "freezing out" firm's client and not allowing him to participate in any of the activities of the company or to share in any of the profits from the company.  Lawsit was filed.  Case settled shortly before trial for substantial sum. 

LAWSUIT AGAINST INSURANCE COMPANY.  Represented medical professionals against international insurance company.  Insurance company refusted to pay for severl hundreds of thousands of dollars of insurance billing.  Lawsuit filed.  Court ruled in favor of firm on motion for summary judgment.  Insurance company agreed to pay claims in settlement of dispute.

TRADE NAME INFRINGEMENT.  Represented client against company that was using a substantially similar name to client.   Lawsuit filed.  Case settled with infringer changing the name of their company and payment of money damages.

THEFT OF TRADE SECRETS.  Represented business owner against former workers on basis that former workers had taken and misused the trade secrets of the company against business owner.

DEBT COLLECTION.  Represented company on collection of numerous outstanding debts.  Debts collected via demand letters, lawsuits, judgments, and post-judgment collection efforts. 

DOCTORS, CHIROPRACTORS, ACCOUNTANTS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, ATTORNEYS, ETC:  Represented numerous professionals involving various claims and disputes including but not limtied to business disputes, and investigations conducted by their applicable disciplinary bodies such as the Department of Regulatory Agencies and attorney regulation counsel. 

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