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Real Estate – Lawsuit / Disputes



RETURN OF EARNEST MONEY:  Represented buyer with respect to return of earnest money based on unsatisfactory inspection of property.  Full amount of earnest money returned to buyer.

FRAUD BY SELLER:  Represented buyer of single family residence who claimed that seller's concealed and hid defects in property from buyer.  Lawsuit filed, case settled with sellers paying money to buyer to complete repairs and correct defects in home.  

LAWSUIT BY BUYER CLAIMING FRAUD:  Represented sellers / investors who were sued by buyers.  Buyers claimed fraud, non-disclosure, concealment, and construction defects by Sellers.  Case was resolved with Seller's buying property back from buyer for significantly less than what buyer had paid for property. 

LAWSUIT BY BANK AGAINST COMMERCIAL INVESTOR:  Represented commercial investor. Bank claimed breach of loan documents and refused to renew loans.  Bank attempted to foreclose on multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.  Millions of dollars in debt restructured at going interest rate and term.   

LAWSUIT AGAINST REAL ESTATE BROKER:  Represented individuals in lawsuit against real estate broker based on breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation.  Jury trial.  Plaintiffs awarded damages, attorney fees, and court costs in six figures.

LAWSUIT AGAINST REAL ESTATE INVESTOR:  Represented real estate investor against claims by sellers that investor had tricked and defrauded them into selling home.  Jury trial.  Complete defense verdict in favor of investor.  Contracts enforced against sellers.

LAWSUIT AGAINST CONTRACTOR:  Represented clients who hired contractor to build custom home.  Builder failed to complete job and stole money.  Arbitration award against contractor, including damages, attorney fees, and court costs in seven figures.   

DISPUTE BETWEEN BUSINESS PARTNERS:  Represented real estate investor in dispute with business partner.  Matter resolved quickly, quietly, and with minimal expense.

COMMERCIAL EVICTION:  Represented Commercial landlord against tenant company and president of tenant company.  Judgment obtained against landlord and president of company personally for all rent owed, plus attorney fees and court costs.

RESIDENTIAL EVICTION:  Represented Landlord against tenant.  Breaches includes non-payment of rent as well as non-monetary violations of the terms of the lease.  Tenant evicted.  Landord collection efforts undertaken for payment of rent, attorney fees, and court costs.

WRONGFUL EVICTION:   Represented tenant in claims of wrongful eviction against landlord and landlord's attorneys.  Tenant was evicted and possessions were lost or destroyed.  Lawsuit filed against landlord and his attorney for wrongful eviction.  Landlord paid substantial damages to settle case. 

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