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COMMERCIAL LANDLORD.  Represented commercial landlord to collect unpaid rent and damages from tenant that was a company as well as the president of the company who had guaranteed the lease.  Trial.  Awarded all rent, plus attorney fees, court costs, and interest.  Judgment entered against company and individual.

COMMERCIAL TENANT:  Represented commercial tenant who breached lease due to non-payment of rent.  In lawsuit, firm argued that landlord failed to reasonably mitigate landlords damages because landlord did not actively market the property for re-lease. Case settled. Total amount owed substantially discounted.

RESIDENTIAL TENANT:  Represented Tenant in wrongful eviction case against landlord.  Damages awarded against landlord as a result of landlord failing to follow statutory procedure and loss/destruction of tenant's personal property.

RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD:  Represent Landlord in evicting tenant for non-payment of rent and breach of other terms of lease.  Jdugment obtained for damages and possession of the property.  Tenant forceably removed by Sheriff.  Money damages collected from tenant.   

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